Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not so Knotie

We just came back from an awesome visit to see friends in Colorado! As we were driving Allen kept moving his whole upper body to look side to side. I started rubbing his neck down with Past Tense, one of his favorite doTERRA blends,  but it did not released the knots. So we added Deep Blue layering it, Deep Blue then Past Tense. That still did not get out the knots.  Then I thought about all the oils we had talked about at the doTERRA class last night. Balance is one of Chrystal's favorite oils and it is also her friend Pam's favorite oil! So I thought, let's try it! I just did one side from a couple drops out of a sample bottle and he could move again!!! I was amazed! I rubbed it on the other side and at the base of his skull and he had full range of motion! I know Balance is an awesome oil. It helps with emotional and physical balance, anxiety, depression, fear, grief,  sorrow, mood swings, bursitis, confusion, convulsions,  diabetic sores, Grand Mal Seizures, seizures,  Herniated disks, hot flashes, hyperactivity, Lou Gehrig's disease, lupus, balancing Metabolism, and even back pain but I did not realize it would release knots like that :-) So glad it worked for my Hubby!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day chocolates

All the chocolates and candy are so sweet on valentines day but here is a better option that will not leave that icky feeling after all the sweets. Pimples after eating chocolate are not a fun way to remember valentines day. They seem to never go away! Well I have an oil for that :-) A dab of On Guard on a toxin pimple will relieve the pain and get rid of it quickly. Here is a recipe for yummy healthy chocolate you can enjoy all year long with doTERRA essential oils that kick up the health benefits and leave the pimples behind.

1st step
 2 cups coconut oil
4 oz cacao butter
1/3 cup honey
1tbs coconut sugar
1 vanilla bean scraped
1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt

2nd step
2-4 drops your choice doTERRA essential oils
1 1/2 TBS cacao nibs separated
1 TBS coconut cream (if desired) great to add for a creamy center. 

Melt some of the coconut oil then put everything in the 1st step list in the blender. This will make white chocolate. Remove about 1/3 cup per batch into a glass small bowl. Add 2-4 drops of doTERRA essential oils in each batch to flavor your chocolate. I used lavender and lemon, pepermint, orange, ginger and orange, cinnamon and cassia, On Guard, and lemon. Try different combinations to see what you like best and make sure you used doTERRA essential oils so you are getting a pure product that has the health benefits. After you make your white chocolates add 1 TBS cacao nibs and blend till smooth. Take out as many batches as you want for your "milk chocolate" there is no milk in it but you could add 1 tbs coconut cream if you feel the need. The rest will be your dark chocolate. Add 1/2 TBS of cacao nibs and blend until smooth. 
Once you have all your molds filled if you have extra place in a bowl and place all in the fridge.  Remove the extra in the bowl once it is hard and let soften about 20 min. Then use a melon baller to make truffles.  You can roll in coconut flakes, cacao power, or whatever you think of. 
Keep chocolates all in your fridge until you are ready to enjoy. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our oil Journey

 Our oil journey started in November 2011 when a friend gave me a tiny sample of Breathe. She saw how much I was suffering from a sinus infection and wheezing that I was plagued with for 6 months! During that 6 months I would take antibiotics but it would just come back stronger than ever. I have also had asthma since I was 13 so I was wheezing horribly even after using my nebulizer. Just by smelling this little bottle of essential oil 10 times I stopped wheezing! I was amazed and wanted to be desperately fixed. I bought a bottle of On Guard because my friend said it kills bacteria and viruses. In 3 days I could taste my food again and in 5 days I was all better! I was so amazed :-)
In the next 5 months I used that same 2 bottles to share with everyone who has a sniffle, cough or wheeze. I did not want to jump into another business that was going to cost me more money that I just did not have. When someone wanted to get oils I just referred them to my friend.  Then my friend came and told me that that three people had signed up and now I was loosing money! So with much prayer I whole heartedly sign up and hosted my first class. I had 5 friends and family get their own membership that day! I was supper excited! Since then I have had so much life change that I want to continue to share the fun things I have learned about the oils with everyone.  One of the biggest changes for myself is I no longer have asthma. Second is I have lost over 30 lbs. Third is I have more energy to do what I love. The last big life change is that my husband will soon be retiring from his day job and we can be a family all the time!
I hope you will start or continue your own health journey with me :-)
God Bless, and remember, mama has an oil for that :-)