Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nails and hair, oh my!

I love long nails! I use to get acrylic but then I had kids, no money,  and no time. So, I lost the nails. Since I have been using the LifeLong Vitality Supplements my nails grow longer and stay strong. The nutrients that my body is getting helps with my nails and hair. 
I usually have long hair but every once in awhile I cut it off and start fresh.  The last time I did that I decided to keep it short.  I have to get it cut like every 4 that is just too much upkeep for me. So a little bit long then a cut :-)
The LifeLong Vitality or LLV in doTERRA lingo say, are amazing!  They are powder in a gel capsule so your body doesn't need to break down a rock to get the nutrients.  All the nutrients are whole foods so that your body sees it as food and can use it as such. It has a tummy tamer blend that help with all sorts of stomach issues.  In addition to that there are 9 different essential oils on them to help your body work at its best! If you have not tried them they are amazing and doTERRA gives a money back guarantee! If you do not like how you feel after 30 days return the empty bottles and you get your $$ back! It is great how doTERRA stands by its products :-)

Go to click join in the top right hand corner to save 25% then as a Wellness Advocate. If your first order is over 100 pv you get a 50 point bonus that you use for free products!  Another advantage of being a Wellness Advocate!

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